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Beachside Italian Food

Posted on 06 July 2013

Beachside Italian Food

Let’s start from an assumption: as opposed to what happens in many places in USA you won’t’ need to bring your own umbrella, chairs and the all 9 yards when going to the beach in Italy. Unless you choose to go the a free beach a spiaggia libera.

For a small fee (it varies of course)  everything we’ll be provided to you from the “bagno”  the beach establishment. Many bagni , are also equipped with small kitchens and offer snacks, lunch and drinks throughout the day. So you don’t need to leave the beach to enjoy some typical products.
Some of them even turn to a full restaurant at night and/or  a disco club at night.
You will also find entertainment for the kids, often a trampoline, swings, kids pool and during the busy season some offer  a “kids clubs” with planned and supervised activities for kids while you relax. But we’ll talk more extensively about this in a different article. Now ….food!

Let’s start with gelato. If you buy an old fashion hand made artisan gelato you can consider that a small meal.  Especially if you choose a fruit one, made with real fruit, available with or without dairy products.


Then granita, changes its name according to the regions, refreshing “italian ice”.

Pizza al taglio pizza by the slice, the dough rolled out into long, rectangular pies and baked in a wood-burning oven.  You select your favorite topping, it’s custom-cut with scissors — pizza as big as you want it — and weighed.

pizza taglio

Olive all’ascolana  Typical from  Marche region,  fried seaside snacks: Large green olives (typically from the Ascoli area) are pitted, stuffed with ground meat then deep-fried. Awesome good.

olive olive 2

Piatto freddo large or small, different types of cured meat, and cheese usually served with bread. Typical is prosciutto, mortadella, coppa, salame and at least 2 different kind of cheese.

Piadina flat bread filled with local delicay from Emilia Romagna.  Prosciutto, rucola, grana, stracchino,  every stand, store, restaurant will have unique recipes, you will also find sweet piadine, with nutella and custard. You can also customize your own and make it vegan if you like.


Ceciata  A type of flat brad made with chick peas and often topped with other ingredients cooked in a wood oven.  Try it, is really very good. originally from Tuscany, now spread almost everywhere

Arancini  golden fried, breadcrumb-coated rice balls are a Sicilian and southern Italian staple. stuffed with tomato , ground meat  peas and cheese

Fritto di pesce translates  mixed fried fish  and it is the quintessential beach eat, all over Italy, from paper cones filled with tiny whole fish  to a beachside platter of local seafood. The only criterion is that the seafood mix must be fried

Fritto Misto Can include fried fish but also fried zucchini,and other vegetables,  french fries, once again the must is the deep frying, ingredients change according to where you are.

Sapghetti (or pther pasta ) ai frutti di mare, also called “allo scoglio”
A must have, the king of all Italian beach food. Can be spaghetti, linguine, but also risotto or even pennette.
Served with mussels, clams, scampi,  octopus, shrimps, you name it.


Though an aperitivo not is something you “eat,” it’s almost always accompanied by food. try hitting a beach club bar around sunset for an aperitivo – a pre-dinner cocktail served with salty snacks, tiny salads, finger sandwiches, fruit and whatever else emerges from the kitchen. Mojitos made with Cuban rum are popular seaside drinks in Italy. For something lighter, sip on an Aperol Spritz — prosecco, Aperol and a splash of soda.


Just ask for “Aperitivo e stuzzichini” and you’ll be served.

Enjoy  the sunset, stick your feet in the sand and think of La Dolce Vita.

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